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As one of the leading providers of globally competitive web design & development services, Smart Digital Mktg. understands the value of balancing development and design when it comes to creating a website for your business. Our professional web design & development are not only well-versed of the principles of site development and design but also of their corresponding applications, putting them together to produce compelling design results.

Our web design & development Services

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Outstanding web design is the key to success. Most users visit often on the site that is appealing and easy to navigate. Our professional web designer will help your site make an outstanding first impression with speed, responsiveness, and accessibility. Our web development services focus on laying down a solid yet flexible groundwork for your business website, aim to highlight your brand identity with our visually pleasing yet functional web design services. Chat us by contacting us online or calling: +63 997 468 3087.

E-Commerce Solutions

Our web design & development services have successful solutions to develop E-Commerce and shopping cart software for online businesses.

CMS, WordPress Platform

We develop & provide content management systems (CMS) to enable you to manage easily the site content effectively.


We are a leading application development company offering Web, Mobile & Application Development services.


Smart Digital Mktg. has been in the field of website design in the Philippines for over 5 years. We don’t stick with old trends in web design. website design services are tailored to show your company’s unique selling points and highlight what services or products you offer.

We have a team of professional web designers, meticulous graphic designers, ingenious web developers, and master content writers who provide you with a responsive website design that can quickly climb in Search Results Page, getting you the visibility and traffic you need to grow your business. From a single simple page to optimized pages to complex websites with functionalities such as E-Commerce or mobile responsiveness, page speed as well, we’ve done them all.


Your website’s design can increase your potential customer in and help them discover, learn, and engage with your brand, products, or services. Our website design services will help you communicate, engage, drive your sales to engage your audience with innovative designs, responsiveness, and functionality.

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For websites that sell and offer services, We’re us your web design, service provider. We work on your website to enhance functionality, fully responsiveness, and improve user experience to create opportunities for your business. Our tried and tested methods include designing websites with easy-to-navigate pages, and mobile-responsive designs and important is page speed.

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In retail and shopping, first impressions your site is matters. That’s because customers can’t touch, feel, and try on the products, they’ll have to rely on how good it looks on your website. Our experience in E-Commerce website design ensures that each product you sell stands out and looks its best compare to others.

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You already have a website but nothing happens? It may be time for a redesign. Redesigning your website can make different things. If you’ve had your website since the era of year 1990s, it’s time to bring it to the 2020s.

We’re here to help you create a more modern look, stunning, and layout with eye-catching design and streamlined functionality and responsiveness of your website. Working with us as your web design company, we’ll keep your website up-to-date with the latest trends so it stays looking fresh and stunning for today’s customers.


Intake, Brief or About

We want to get to know more about you and your brand, what’s your business goals and objectives.

Design & Approval

From your answers during intake, we’ll provide you lay-out and design according to your business needs.

Development Phase

Our web developers & designers start creating the staging site where the designs will be implemented.

Check & Client Approval

The website will be presented for your review, changes, other suggestions, and approval.

Launch & Turnover

After everything has been approved, we will launch immediately and turn over the website to you.

Web Design Services That Maximize Your Leads

That’s why almost 96% of a user’s first impression relates to the web design of your website. It’s also why web design services can have an immense impact on your brand’s bottom line.

That’s why more companies are not only re-evaluating their website’s design but also partnering with Smart Digital Mktg., the web design services company that’s driven more than a thousand in revenue for its clients.

Contact us today, let’s work together and start designing your custom website!

Website Design Services: Get a Site Optimized for SEO and Responsive

Smart Digital Mktg. is a leading web design company with a web design expert team that creates innovative, effective websites that capture your brand, improve your conversion rates, fully functional, responsive, and maximize your return to help grow your business and obtain your goals.

Invest your website’s success with Smart Digital Mktg. website design services

When you get our professional website design services, you will receive a website that’s:

  • Responsive (sometimes called mobile-friendly)
  • Optimized for search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Secure (HTTPS) and Page Speed Optimized
  • Stunning & Professionally Designed

You can also request an additional feature as a part of your professional website design. You can make request our web developer to integrate a database into your web design and enable E-Commerce functionality to your website.

Transparent prices for Web Design Services

Looking for web design services, your company can count on 100% transparency from our web design services. With our personalized quotes to our initial designs, our web design team provides your company with complete access to our web design pricing and plans.

Why partner with Smart Digital Mktg for website design services?


With more than 5 years of experience, Smart Digital Mktg. is one of the experienced web design companies. Our web design experts, as well as our passion for web design, sets us apart from other agencies. Plus, our experience shows our ability to learn and adapt to the latest industry standards for business.


We partner with clients from a range of different industries, including E-Commerce, health, automotive, and more. The satisfaction of our clients is unparalleled, which is why our client recommendation score is 86% higher than the industry average and to their satisfaction.


Our web design services partner your business with a expert web developer & designer. With our web designers, they work as an extension of your team, learning the goals of your business and what’s the vision of your brand.


We value a client’s custom design approach to our web design services, which is why we tailor every website service package to your company’s design needs. We ensure your website captures your branding and meets your business goals and help you from increasing sales and improving your search rankings.

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    What do our Web Design Services include?

    Our expert team tailors our web design services to your company and its stunning and unique needs. That’s why you need to provide us the details of your company, products or services, and goals.

    Learn more about our Website Design Services:


    We maximize the potential results of your website design or redesign plan, as well as improve your digital marketing strategy, by ensuring your website is SEO ready or SEO friendly.

    Good ranking in search results correlates to higher visibility among users in your target audience. With better visibility for relevant search results, your website can earn more clicks and traffic from users.

    Users that can convert to more search traffic, online purchases, increase sales, and leads and more.

    As a full-service digital marketing agency, we also offer SEO services to enhance your visibility and strategy.

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    With our web design services, you can rely on our web designers to create a stunning page of your website.

    Whether you’re an E-Commerce store, online business, or service provider, our web developers & designers can create the webpages that your company needs to reach, engage, inform, and convert your target audience.

    Our web design services cost features five tiers for the number of web pages:

    • 1 to 10
    • 10 to 30
    • 30 to 50
    • 50 to 150

    What if you need a lot more than 150 web pages? Just contact us online.

    Our experienced web experts will provide you with a customized plan and quote for the web pages your site needs, whether it’s 300, 500, or more.


    Your website must capture your brand, which is our web design services include unlimited style options. For example, if your company requires a stunning design that emphasizes the quality and price range of your products, our team can achieve that for you.

    Additional examples of website styles include:

    • Simple and attractive
    • Moderate styling
    • High-end Design
    • World-Class Layout

    Our web design has these four styles. We can assist you to choose your style preferences when requesting a quote online or chatting with our web designers. Our dedicated web designer will also invest the time to learn about your business, goals, and vision.

    customized web design services
    content creation


    For the maximum impact of your website, we also offer website copywriting with our web design services. With their expertise in different industries, we can create compelling copy that engages and converts your website visitors.

    The advantages of Smart Digital Mktg. copywriting for web design
    We offer three website copywriting tiers, which include:

    • 5 to 10 pages
    • 10 to 25 pages
    • 25 to 40 pages

    If you need more than 40 pages, we can customize your plan and design strategy to that specific number.

    Our digital marketing services experts research high-value, relevant keywords for your business, industry, and webpages, which our copywriters then use to optimize your website.


    Our website designing services also offer the option of responsive design which is mobile friendly. However, we recommend responsive design because it supports mobile users, which can consist of online shoppers using their tablet or smartphone to browse on the internet.

    With more than 63% of the Internet’s traffic coming from mobile users, it’s imperative to provide support for users. It’s also best practice for SEO, as Google now follows a mobile-first index, meaning it crawls and index websites from the perspective of a mobile user, not a desktop user.

    If your website doesn’t support mobile site responsiveness, Google modifies your ranking in search results. That can lead to a lower ranking, pushing your site to page two of the search results and away from your target audience which we need to avoid.

    responsive web design services
    seo services website audit


    Many company need a database feature on their websites, such as for processing the payments. We can provide full support for database integration.

    With our database integration on your website, our team of web designers and developers work with your company one-on-one to ensure we develop and launch the exact database your company needs.

    You don’t know what kind of database integration your business needs? Talk with our experienced web developer. They can provide a recommendation and suggestions, as well as our web designers will coordinate with you, to ensure you receive what your business needs.


    Whether you’re an E-Commerce website, commercial, international or local website, a CMS offers immense value. It can help your business manage your content and easily add whatever features you want on your website, which can improve the efficiency of your content marketing strategy.

    Benefits of a CMS in web design

    As a full-service digital marketing agency, we can provide your exact web design needs. Our ability to customize every aspect of our web design services to your company also allows us to provide a quality level of personalization when it comes to web design.

    cms for web design services
    shopping site for web design


    For E-Commerce companies, we also offer E-Commerce functionality websites for their business needs.

    With our web developer experts, they can help you determine the most useful E-Commerce functionality for your business.

    Plus, our marketing strategists can coordinate with a designer and developer to confirm that the basic or advanced design will provide the best return on investment (ROI) and user experience (UX).

    Why Invest in our Professional Web Design Services?

    If you’re unsure about the importance of web design services, there are 5 factors to consider. For example, you could increase your conversion rates or leads and improve search ranking.

    Learn more about the main benefits of our web design services:


    A conversion can range from a shopper, purchasing a product, and signing up for an email newsletter. It’s unique to your business and your goals. No matter what’s your conversion goal, web design services can help.

    Here’s Why?

    Today, most conversions include online interaction or transactions. For example, maybe you want to drive more organic traffic visits through SEO services — for reference, 83% of searches convert — which will likely involve users interacting with your website.

    If you feature an outdated website design with poor usability, it’s impacting the first impression of users. That first impression of users shapes not only their opinion of your brand but also their decision when it comes to visiting your location, purchasing your product or services, or joining your email newsletter.

    With a user-friendly website design that’s spontaneous, responsive, as well as stunning, you can create a positive impact on the first impression with users. That can make users more likely to convert, whether by calling your team for a quote or becoming a subscriber of your email newsletter.


    A website’s user experience offers an immense return on investment (ROI) for your brand. It can also deliver a tremendous blow to companies that ignore UX testing, as almost 91% of users with a competitor after poor user experience.

    With our professional web design services, your business can provide users with the best website experience. For example, our team can improve the usability and readability of your website and page speed whether on mobile or desktop.

    That makes it easy for users to find the information they need and take action. That action can include purchasing your product or services and more.


    No matter your industry is, you have always a competitor, and your company needs to have a competitive edge. While you may provide the best product or a better experience, those unique selling points can become lost in an outdated.

    With our website design services, you can ensure that your brand maximizes its first impression with users and make engagements. You can also make sure that your business stands apart from your competitors in your industry, emphasizing that your product or service is the best.

    For example, if you’re looking to generate leads. You can make it easy for potential leads to contact your web design services company by investing in a website focused on the user experience.


    Whether they’re searching on their tablet, phone, or desktop, users rely on search to find what they’re looking for services or products. That’s why Google processes more than 2 billion searches a year, and why 82% of users turn to search when they need something whether it’s online or not.

    If your website doesn’t rank on the first page of search results, surely, it’s difficult for your company to connect with your costumers. That’s why SEO is an essential part of internet marketing. You need your website to rank to help you from increasing sales and leads.

    With our SEO strategy, as well as professional web design services, you can ensure your website ranks for your keywords relevant to your business. Plus, you make sure your site provides the best user experience including page optimization as possible.


    In the digital marketing world, your website is your big foundation. It’s where you direct users, whether they from search results, social media, or another channeled source. As a result, it’s important to maintain an optimized and up-to-date website design that can support your marketing strategies.

    With an up-to-date website, your business can improve search results and other Internet marketing strategies. For example, if you use email marketing, our web design services can help you increase the number of subscribers earned through your website’s sign-up forms by enhancing your website’s usability.

    Another example comes from pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. With our design and marketing experts, our team can develop landing pages optimized for conversions for your PPC campaign. That can improve the results of your PPC services campaign, to maximize your ROI.